With all the weddings that I go to, once in a while, you go to a wedding one that stands out among all the rest.  This particular wedding was one of them. (Which happened to be on my birthday. June 3)

The cake and dessert was truly amazing, which included this rustic style cake along with ice cream cups in the shape of plant pots !        

I was amazed at some of the creative touches and décor that truly made this the quintessential modern wedding, along with a hint of something unexpected.

Yes, they had coasters made with their dogs pictures on it.  Dressed up of course! And what’s that?  Yup! It’s an owl.  This particular wedding was held at a arboretum/animal sanctuary, and the staff brought out birds of prey including an owl and a falcon!

Seating Black Board

Here we a half a black board with the seating chart on it.  I’m seeing allot of these, these days, as an alternative to seating cards.


And finally another nifty addition!  A pre sketched canvas where guests can fill in the clothes of the characters to match themselves!   This is a first for me!

Having new and creative ideas like this I believe is what makes a wedding (Along with the bride and Groom of course) Keeping your guests visually and interactively entertained is great in my book, and I think we’re going to see allot more of this kind of stuff in future weddings.   More to come on new wedding trends!